Cartridge Type Heaters:

They are straight industrial heaters, with single-ended outlets, which fit tightly into holes drilled in metal blocks that require rapid heating. According to the manufacturing technique they can be high or low density.

The low density ones have a spiral of resistive wire supported in ceramic pieces, inside a cold rolled or 316 stainless steel sheath, inside which any empty space is filled with MgO magnesium oxide, the power density that supports this technique it is low. The high density heaters are manufactured without ceramic pieces with a centered spiral, very close to the metal sheath, finally the sheath is reduced to compact the oxide and improve its thermal conductivity. The heat transfer is produced by conduction therefore the adjustment of the heater is vital for proper operation and prevent overheating by destroying it or drastically decreasing its useful life.


  • Maximum surface temperature (Low density 300°C) (High density 600°C).
  • Heat transfer by conduction.
  • Temperature uniformity and rapid heating at the receiving surface.
  • The recommended control systems are PID especially for high density.


  • Fast and uniform heating of metal blocks.
  • Polyethylene and polypropylene sealers.
  • Mold heating.
  • Vulcanizers.